A New Day

Good morning,
I first wanted to thank you all for your thoughts & prayers during this time. It was one week ago that I was in surgery to remove a cancerous tumor this size of a cantaloupe from my colon. Unfortunately, the tumor had attached itself to my small intestine, bladder, and abdominal wall. My surgeon was able to remove the tumor along with part of my bladder completely. There was a great concern after the surgery on what the pathology report would show being Stage 4 cancer and the tumor attaching itself to other organs.
We received the news on Thursday that the pathology came back and showed that the margins were completely clear where they removed everything, and that they took 22 lymph nodes and that all 22 were clean and cancer free. Our surgeon sat there and told us that this was our miracle. We could not have hoped for any better news. What an awesome God we serve.
As I sit here and type we don’t know what treatment plan the oncologist will be looking at so, we still covet your prayers as we continue on this journey.
Thanks again for your continued prayer and support during this time.

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