The Next Step

Well it’s been a week since my last chemo treatment. Feeling great except for a cold that I can’t seem to shake. It appears the new cocktail and wearing the pump for 46 hours seems to be agreeing with my system. I know that can change at any moment but we’re enjoying these days.

God has been opening so many doors to share. It has been amazing. In fact all of us (Lori, Austin & Josh) are having these opportunities to share. We all come home after our day and share what conversations we had and how God has opened that line of communication with someone else.

We have been so overwhelmed but the notes, emails, cards, & letters that we have been receiving. Thank you all so very much to all of you. Please keep on praying. Pray for our continued treatment as well as the opportunities that He will place before us.

Until next time.


Opportunities Abound

Greetings everyone,

I’m sorry I know it’s been a while. This last chemo treatment has been a rough one. The oral medication I’ve been taking built up a toxicity in my body that caused major problems to the point last Tuesday evening I was taken to the ER after collapsing into my youngest sons arms. Thankfully he’s 6’2” and strong. We were admitted and found out that my kidneys had shut down and my BP was 61 / 35. By Wednesday morning that was all corrected and I was taking massive amount of fluids to re-hydrate. I was discharged Friday and I feel great. GOD IS GOOD.

I begin a new regimen tomorrow. I have IV chemo tomorrow and then will be fitted for a pump to administer chemo for an additional 46 hours. The pump is about the size of a Cracker Jack box. My oncologist is very confident that this will go well. He reminded me that we’re going 6 months and then were done and he doesn’t want to see me for a year. I’ve said it before…if this is the worst it gets I am luckier than most.

In all seriousness the coolest things are happening because of this. God has opened so many opportunities to share my (it’s not my story it’s HIS) story with so many people. In fact during the hospital stay I was able to share with all the nurses on my floor and the lab techs as well. In fact one nurse was so intrigued by the book I was reading (Beth Moore’s “Praying God’s Word”) she started to ask questions about “this Jesus stuff”. How great is that, at 4:00 am while I’m having blood draws & vitals taken, God is at work.

So thanks again for all your prayers, notes, calls and cards. It is greatly appreciated. Please keep me in your prayers as we begin this new phase of treatment. We’ve got July 1 as our target stop date.

One more thing, a very dear friend is running the Inaugural ING Georgia Marathon/Half Marathon on March 25th. It will benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation on behalf of Cancer Research at Vanderbilt University Hospital and myself. A half marathon is 13.1 miles and we’re asking for people to please contribute at least $1 a mile if you are stretched for money and at least $2 a mile if you feel that you can afford to donate more. Here is the secure link to do that. If you can participate we would greatly appreciate it.

God’s peace to all. Until next time.

— Scott

We can only LIVESTRONG if we’re GODSTRONG.