Austin's 18 @ Morton's

Wow last week in Nashville was awesome. Austin and I had such a great time. We celebrated his 18th birthday at Morton’s. Always an incredible meal. We were also able to catch several concerts. 2 events really stand out. First, I was able to join Austin at Rocketown for Tooth and Nail Records. This was where several of Austin’s favorite bands performed. I had finished up with my showcase where we had picked up some awards and found out that his showcase was still going on. So I sent a text to see if he’d mind if I hung out with him. Needless to say we didn’t get back to the hotel until 12:30 am. Morning came early and we were so glad for Starbucks.

The second was attending the Dove Awards. I was really fun to see the show through his eyes. I have had the privilege of attending for many years. This was his first. Although we did not win in our categories we had a great time.

It was great being able to introduce Austin to many of my friends in the industry. Next year we hope to have Josh join us. That would be an awesome adventure.

Until next time.

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