Character vs. Talent

“Too often organizations have placed unfaithful people in positions of responsibility hoping to inspire a transformation of character. These have been both costly and painful decisions. When a person is placed into a position of leadership on the basis of talent, even though known to be untrustworthy, a great travesty has taken place. Power does not make a person trustworthy. Authority does not make a person responsible. When we are trustworthy, we can be entrusted with power. When we are faithful, our influence in the lives of others will naturally expand. Talent without character is a dangerous thing. Talent fueled by character is a gift from God. Character is formed in the crucible of faithfulness and refined through the gauntlet of perseverance. Remember, the shape of our character is the shape of our future. It is through the transformation of our character that God both points the way and lights our way. The character of Christ fuels us with a passion that moves naturally in the direction God desires for us.” — from Uprising, by Erwin Raphael McManus

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