See the Future — Leadership always begins with a picture of the future. What is your preferred view of the future? What is it you are trying to accomplish? What are you trying to achieve? You cannot create that which you cannot envision.

Engage and Develop Others — Leaders are the architects of the culture in our organizations. This opportunity comes with tremendous responsibility. The fact so many Americans are disengaged at work is not a worker issue, it is a leadership issue.

Reinvent Continuously — Progress is always preceded by change. Are you leading positive change? If not, you aren’t leading. What needs to change to move you toward your desired future? Four areas to explore: Self — Systems — Strategy — Structure.

Value Results and Relationships — Don’t be surprised if you encounter major tension on this one. All of us, or at least 95% of us, have a natural bias… we are either more results-oriented or more relationship-oriented. The best leaders VALUE both. Find ways to compensate for your bias and watch results soar.

Embody the Values — More of leadership is caught than taught. When you and I walk the talk, at least two things happen: through our actions, we communicate what is really important, and we validate or invalidate, our trustworthiness. People always watch the leader.

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