Latest News

It’s been a couple of months. All my test are coming out great. Finally had the port removed from my chest. That’s a really good sign. See the oncologist in another 3 months.

Austin finally settled in on school for the fall. He’ll be going to Appalachian State. It looks like he’ll be majoring in business instead of music. He still wants to be in the marching band there. He goes for auditions in April. That would be really cool for us. ASU opens up against LSU this year.

Josh is doing really well. It looks as if some things may be coming together for him to finally get into the music business. We’ll see how things come together.


I have visited with all of my physicians in the last few weeks. Got a clean bill of health. All my tests are looking great. After my March visit with my oncologist we’ll decide on the frequency of my follow-up visits.

We spent Christmas in south Florida. It was an incredible time. The weather was absolutely perfect. Lori & I and Austin & Cyndi had so much fun. Josh & Dusty celebrated their first Christmas together in NC. They had a wonderful time together in their new home.

Austin is trying to narrow his college selections down. He has several auditions for the various music schools in the next few weeks. The first one on the 19th will be the test. He’ll do great but this is his first choice. Hayes School of Music at Appalachian State University.

Thanks again for all of the prayers, cards and calls.

First Place

This weekend TC Roberson Marching Band placed first in 4A Competition at the Foard Marching Band Classic. This is the first time, that we are aware of, that this has been accomplished. Also the drumline placed first. Again another first. This was Austin’s last high school competition. What a way to finish.

The Wedding

Josh & Dusty were married October 20th. It was a beautiful day in Wilson, NC. The service was great as was the reception that followed. We were excited to have so many family members and friends share the occasion with us. Lori & I are trying to recover. As soon as more pictures arrive we will be posting more.

The Weekend

Well I made it through the weekend. We had a band competition on Saturday. The band did good for their first outing. You might be wondering why I refer to it as making it through. It was a year ago at this competition that I started to realize that something was probably wrong with me. It felt really good to be there watching Austin and not worrying about what could be wrong with me. So much has happened over the last year. I am just so thankful for where I am in the journey.

Good News

I went to see my oncologist yesterday. Everything looked great. My levels are doing well. It was actually good to see him smile as he was giving me the results. I go back the week before Christmas for another visit.

We also helped Josh move into his new apartment yesterday. He is very excited abut this new chapter is his life. Yes, it’s only 4 weeks until his wedding. I think the reality is setting for all of us.

I cannot thank you enough for all your support and prayers.

If you have the opportunity don’t forget about my friend Cliff Phillips. He’s training hard to the NYC marathon. We’re still raising support for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. If you can donate it would be greatly appreciated.

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We can only LIVESTRONG™ if we’re GODSTRONG™

At last an update

Well summer is about gone. My doctors are very pleased with my continued improvement. All the tests that I have had throughout the summer, as well as the reversal of my illeostomy, have come back very positive. Starting September 18th I will begin my maintenance visits with my oncologist. They will be every 3 months for 3 years. I just want to say thank you all for your continued prayers for these past 9 months. We have seen God just do the miraculous. It is so good to be feeling good again.

Things around our household are totally crazy right now. Everyone’s doing great. Josh’s wedding is about a month away. He moves in to their new place in about 10 days. Austin is in the midst of applying to colleges and marching season. Lori is back at school dealing with all her other kids. I’m still doing what I love to do. How could I not….everyday what we do has the chance to change life for all eternity. That is what got me into the music business and what has sustained me to almost 20 years.

Thanks again for all your support and your prayers.

— Scott

We can only LIVESTRONG™ if we’re GODSTRONG™.